11th June 1913

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Wednesday 11th June 1913

Dollie goes on holiday to France for three weeks with her Mother; Arthur is bereft:

Arthur to Dollie

Belsize Grove, NW.


I miss you so much – I don’t know what I shall do until you come back to me. We stayed on the platform this morning until the train went out – how I wished that I was in it with you. Then we gradually moved off – the family were very friendly, asked after all my family and so on, Barbara sending special messages to Alfred. We split up. Edouard and I went along to a military tailor in Victoria Street to ask about some shirts, then we walked to Charing Cross and took a bus into the city. Edouard was very friendly … Connie and Daisy are out to lunch – so I am going to Earls Court alone…

The Pater wrote again – there is some talk of his going on to Vienna, so perhaps it was as well we didn’t ask your Mater to wait the three extra days till Saturday for him. Joe and Maggie come back on Friday.

Please excuse this paper – it is the best I could find – and the letter, but I am afraid I’ve not very much news and it’s so difficult to express how lonely and wretched I feel without you. Oh, well darling, please remember me to your Mother and sister – how is Yvonne?