12th June 1913

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Thursday 12th June 1913

Arthur tries to fill the long, lonely hours with a visit to Earls Court. He admires the machine guns – at length:

Arthur to Dollie

Leadenhall Street, EC

Thanks so much for your letter and two post cards. I love to hear from you … Please write as often as ever you can, you don’t know how I look forward to the postman …I am so glad to hear you were not ill on the boat.

Yesterday after I had written to you, I didn’t know what to do, to stay at home, go to Earls Court or play tennis. I eventually went to Earls Court … Just inside the entrance was a place where they are going to exhibit the Scott relics when the “Terra Nova” comes home. She is at the Scilly Islands at present. Meanwhile they have set out various relics, Arctic and Antarctic, chiefly of the Franklin expedition, rather tragic: if you remember they all died and here you have gloves, handkerchiefs, buttons, etc. They also shew [sic] a days rations, little heaps of sugar, tea, pemmican, butter and biscuit, not very much.

I then went into a place called the “Ducal Hall” in which there was an aeroplane armed with a Maxim; also a complete Royal Engineers Park. I then saw a diver at work, lifeboat and Military ferry: then into a building full of naval and military exhibits – I got a man at Vicker’s stand to shew me over the new Maxim – it is really a marvellous little weapon, a very great improvement on ours. I didn’t see much after that: … some tiny models (about 3000) of the fleets of the world; shot at the new cinematograph target and went over Fort George, a military armoured post. They had some of Major Richardson’s dogs, ripping animals, Airedales for sentry work, bloodhounds for ambulance, as they have the stronger scent. Then I left and got home about five. The others came in soon after.

Last night I amused myself clearing out some drawers; a terrible collection, including unused Christmas cards, two years old. After that we played bridge and then to bed. Alfred went out on his own. This morning I was very busy up West and didn’t get lunch till about ten minutes to two. … This evening Daisy wants to play tennis late. Some people who have been very kind to Edgar at Glasgow are coming in to tea… Meanwhile the family are very kind and sympathetic; but it’s all no use for I want you … So write soon and often and tell me all about yourself.