22nd June 1913

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Sunday 22nd June 1913

More Territorial training; the Horse Show is considered a flop; Alexandra Day; more anxiety about the Mater’s holiday arrangements:

Arthur to Dollie

Belsize Grove, N.W.

It was awfully sweet of you to write me that card so late last night. I was so pleased to get it – the time is long enough between Saturday night and Monday morning. You must have been awfully tired, poor little sweet heart. Last night I went to bed early: this morning up at a quarter past six and to seven o’clock Mass, as I had to be at Southfields at half past nine. We spent the morning doing Mekometer work – I wonder if you know what a Mekometer is? It is an instrument for finding out how far away an object is. During the last half hour the Commandant shewed us various points about a horse, how to feed him, render him first aid, etc. Very interesting, but it was awfully hot…

The others went to the Horse Show yesterday afternoon, but didn’t think it very good. Today the girls have gone to the Piles’ at Maidenhead – an invitation which included me – but it’s worse than useless doing a job by halves, so I stuck to my guns. The greater part of this afternoon, I am ashamed to say, I spent asleep on my back in the garden, woken up by tea and the children. Florence has just come in: the others are not yet back.

This week promises to be a busy one, as Poincare arrives on Tuesday. Wednesday is Alexandra Day – Daisy and Marie are going to sell flowers – I still have some from last year. Darling, has Mother decided about the 4th of July yet? I am all anxiety and trepidation lest she should keep you …