23rd June 1913

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Monday June 23rd 1913

Dollie’s Mater has settled her holiday plans; Pater is off to Scotland to the Naval Architects; London is made ready to receive Poincare:

Arthur to Dollie

Leadenhall Street, E.C.

Thanks awfully for your two letters, which came alright with the morning postman. How I look forward to them, especially on Mondays, after Sunday’s long interval … So the Mater has decided on Amy’s for the rest of July – I hope Amy’s health is better than when you left. I am looking forward to taking charge of you at the Battalion sports, which are to be held on the 19th at Kensal Rise. If it’s fine it ought to be rather good fun. By the way I’ll find out Laura’s address and let you have it. Darling, don’t be shy of the Mater – just write naturally and be yourself – there is nothing half so sweet or lovable in the world.

Yesterday after I wrote to you, the Pater called me down to have a game of billiards – the first I’ve played for a long time … Then we had supper – after supper and coffee I went into the garden with the dogs and played with them for a bit… I sat there until close on ten dreaming dreams, thinking of you across the water, wondering what you were doing. I went in finally, it was rather cool – the others were playing bridge; so I watched them for a bit and went to bed.

Marie and Connie came in from Maidenhead just after I had got to bed. I think they enjoyed themselves immensely. They took our Italian friend with them … Pater and he go to Glasgow tomorrow for a few days with the Naval Architects, to which the Pater belongs.

This morning I went to the bank … Holborn is a mass of flags raised across the road, as Poincare passes that way to the Guildhall on Wednesday. Banners ornamented with the badges of the City Companies, Mercers, Dyers and of all manners of handicraft guilds, hold the centre of the strings of flags. Some of their mottoes are very apt – for example that of the Scriveners runs “Litera scripta manet” i.e. “written letters remain”. Flags of the “Tricolor” abound and mottoes of Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite, surmounted by the red Phrygian cap.

Wednesday is Alexandra Day – Marie and Daisy are selling. Today is the Prince of Wales’ nineteenth birthday. Please remember me most kindly to your Mother and Sister. Tell [cousin] Maurice to be careful of my treasure, priced beyond all other treasures to me…