26th June 1913

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Thursday 26th June 1913

The machine gun exam is cancelled; Battle of the Flowers at Hendon; friend Wolter is to marry soon – if only it could be Arthur and Dollie’s turn to wed!

Arthur to Dollie:

Belsize Grove, N.W.

I was sorry to read in your letter that you were not feeling very cheerful. I hope that you have shaken it off. … you must not get discouraged – or what shall I do?

I hope you enjoyed yourself at St Cloud. If the weather kept fine, you must have had rather fun. Yesterday after I had written to you, I walked to Finchley – it did seem empty without you, darling – and bought some stamps and this notepaper. I hope you’ll let it make amends for the strange papers I’ve used before. I came home and had tea with Mater and Daisy. The others were at Hendon for the “Battle of Flowers” which was rather a failure. Then I went with Daisy to the club – she was playing in a match against another club, which we won.

I left at ten to six for Chelsea. Our exam never came off – the Commandant didn’t put in an appearance. Everyone was fearfully “jumpy” – I suppose we’ll have it to-night. By the way, Laura’s address is … It is her birthday, I believe, on Saturday. This morning I went to the City as usual, had lunch with Joe and Alfred, bought an opera hat and went to the barber. Wolter rang up about to-night – he wants me to go on after Chelsea. He was in a state of fearful excitement – lucky fellow. I wish it were you and I to be married on Saturday …

Mater began to ask me the other day if I’d be able to spend some time at Westgate with the others and Dick – so Daisy broke in and said “Don’t make any arrangements – he’ll want to spend some time with Dollie” – and seemed to think it quite settled that I should come down to visit you – if I may, may I?

There is not very much more news. I shall put my evening clothes in a bag and take them to H.Q. on my way to Chelsea, and if I feel inclined after Chelsea go back there and change. I haven’t decided definitely…