2nd July 1913

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Wednesday 2nd July 1913

Exam success and tickets for the Review; Arthur is counting the hours to Dollie’s return:

Arthur to Dollie

Belsize Grove, N.W.

Only until the day after to-morrow and I shall be with you again or if only for a few minutes at Victoria – I am feeling wildly elated – it seems too good to be true.

Your dear letter came safe and sound this morning: I’m sorry I wasn’t able to let you have a letter on Monday morning. I thought that if I posted it on Saturday you would be bound to get it as I wished.

… I was in Court all day with a case that dates from 1903 – got in late – had [Mlle] Flury, tea and changed, as I was wearing a morning coat. Then off to Chelsea. We had an exam (the second of four). I did rather well D.G. and got, I think, 24 out of 25. When I came in I found the others were all at No.22 so I had something to eat and went to bed – the others came in soon after.

This morning I went to Court again – our case was adjourned at half past twelve. I came home to lunch. Edouard has just rung up – he was very friendly and wanted to know if I had a ticket for you for Saturday. We all applied for them in the middle of last month, Alfred for 6, I for 2. Edouard said he got his at HQ last night. I’ve just rung up HQ: they say the Adjutant has them, so I’ve just written to him and hope to get the tickets tomorrow.

I must go upstairs and overhaul my kit some time. Darling I’m feeling awfully excited about Friday – the time is sure to drag until then most awfully slowly… I am dying to see you again, little darling and feel absolutely incoherent when I think you’ll be here within 50 hours. I hope you have a ripping journey…