6th November 1915

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6th November 1915

The first frost of the year; Arthur is trying desperately to answer all of Dollie’s welcome letters; the reorganisation of the Division still means leave is uncertain; Arthur has hopes that now they are part of a British division life will be more definite and regular.

Arthur to Dollie

Fortified House, 8.30am


Good morning… To-day is a wonderful day – for the sun is shining. Last night we had our first frost Brrr.

Thanks awfully, sweet heart, for your dear letter of Tuesday. I’ve got such heaps of your letters to answer that I’m going to try and steal an uninterrupted hour to-day, just to answer them. God bless your loving heart, dear. I do appreciate your letters awfully. If you knew how they and your sweet memory help & comfort me.

There is little or no news dear yet. We are not at present attached to the 139th Infantry Brigade – chiefly Sherwood Foresters. I did my rounds yesterday – it took about 2 hours even with short cuts.

I’m pressing all I can for leave. I hope once we get settled into this Division that we shall get it more regularly. One of the advantages of being in a British as opposed to an Indian Division is that everything is more definite & regular. One knows when & for how long one is due for the trenches, how long out &c. A great blessing. Beresford was round yesterday, but had no news.