7th November 1915

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7th November 1915

Arthur despairs of finding the time to write to Dollie; yesterday was spent pulling up barbed wire; the fine weather has turned to mist; still no definite news of leave.

Arthur to Dollie

Fortified House, Sun. 8.30am

Thanks awfully for your letter of Wednesday, dear. I love to hear your news. I’d hoped to get an hour spare & free from interruptions yesterday to answer all your dear letters, but it was not to be. We were busy all day pulling up barbed wire. Beresford came round. Rice came back from a machine gun school, so I’m having him up here. Ainsworth is also back but is in charge of the guns until Tabor takes over.

The weather yesterday dear, that started so fine, rather clouded over and grew very damp & misty so that one could only see a few hundred yards. To-day I’m afraid promises to be much the same.

Darling mine, I’m dying to see you. No news yet about leave, but DV as soon as we settle down in this Division it should go through quickly.