8th November 1915

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8th November 1915

Arthur is kept busy showing the Commanding Officers of the Sherwood Foresters round the posts he is currently in command of; the Londons are relieved but there is a scramble to find them billets locally; still no news of the much anticipated leave.

Arthur to Dollie

Fortified House, Monday 8.45am

Yesterday- bad luck – the mails were hung up in the transfer of Divisions, and I had to go without your dear letter. I missed it awfully.

Yesterday I did my rounds. Rice came with me. Soon after I got back, the Major turned up. I walked down to HQ with him & stayed there a few minutes. Just before lunch he turned up again with the Adjutant, the GOC the 139th Infantry (T.F. Sherwood Foresters) Brigade – to which we are attached – and his Brigade Major. The General’s name is Shipley – an old Fusilier – he seems a very decent sort of fellow. The brigade Major’s name is Neilson. They went round this place with me – I shewed him over it.

In the afternoon I dozed for a bit. Was woken up by a message to go to HQ at once. Found that the 5th Sherwood Foresters were to relieve some of my posts. Would I go & show them round &c. So I dashed off to their HQ to find the relief practically completed. Came back here & found that HQ had been unable to find room for the relieved troops at Vieille Chapelle – so I had to try & find room near here pro. tem. and get them settled down, render various reports, etc. So that I didn’t turn in till 9.30.

That dear little one is all my news. I’m longing for the day when I hear that leave is clear again …