26th November 1915

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Boulogne_hôtel_du_Louvre26th November 1915

Arthur is stuck at Boulogne and is wild with annoyance – he could have had another 24 hours at home; a clear moonlit crossing; no trains are available until the evening, so after brekker they have lunch in town at the Café Mony – where they used to dine when based at Etaples; the weather is now changeable with light snow in the morning.

Arthur to Dollie

Hotel Louvre, Boulogne-sur-Mer, Friday afternoon,             2.22

More delays! We do not go on till this evening. I am wild: they might easily have given us this 24 hours at home. But let me give you the news. I wrote last night from the hotel at Folkestone, telling you, dear, of our delay there. After I had written we went in and had dinner – not very good. Then coffee & so on to the boat. We had to be on board by nine though the boat didn’t leave for about an hour.

We had a good crossing. The wind was from the NE & freshening a bit so that the waves were already shewing white and to-day it’s quite rough. Near England it was a bit foggy, but further out it cleared. It was a wonderful moonlight night. They swung the boats out after leaving harbour & all of us officers wore lifebelts, which served to keep us warm.

We reached here after about an hour & a half: only to be told that there weren’t any trains till to-night. So we came along here – though it’s a dirty place – as it lies between the quay & the station & is very handy. We got to sleep about half-past one this morning & though we awoke at 7, we slept again & weren’t down for brekker until ten to eleven.

After brekker, sweet heart, we went across into the town then swung to our left & out to the end of the eastern end of the two piers that mark the entrance into the harbour. It was cold but the air was glorious, blowing straight from you at home – God bless you. So back again to lunch at the Café Mony in the town – where we always go – & used to when we were at Etaples. The weather is very windy & stormy with glorious intervals of sun. It snowed a bit this morning.

I feel so dull & lonely, dear without you – without your dear news. I am hungry for you, sweet heart of mine. May God bless you & keep you, dear…