22nd December 1915

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22nd December 1915

Arthur writes his Christmas letter to Dollie, full of wishes that they could be together; the Hun gunners are very active, despite the season; there has been shelling all day, but thankfully no casualties; hopes of leaving the front line early tomorrow; Arthur has been busy and unable to write his Christmas letters “in this pesky little hole in the earth”.

Arthur to Dollie

In my dug-out, Wednes. 3.30pm

I’m hoping that this will reach you on the 25th. My darling, what shall I say, how can I express all that I feel and want to say… Happy Christmas, dear, best of all wishes – I only wish that I could be with you … I am with you always dear in thought – and as each day our love grows stronger & more wonderful … So imagine me by your side, dear – so I will picture you & let us talk together in the silent communion of our hearts, not needing words, but rejoicing in the wonder of our love. God bless you, dear, & keep you always happy.

I’ve asked Daisy, dear, to get something for you from me. It’s a photo frame with our crest & colours. I hope it has arrived in time.

Now, dear, I’ve a parcel to thank you for & four letters, Thursday, Friday & two of Saturday. Thanks awfully, dear, you are a generous little soul. Thanks awfully for the letters. Things are beastly dull & rotten out here, especially now … Christmas is coming, this Division have wronged us shamefully, the Hun gunners are beastly active. Your dear little letters are a veritable ray of sunlight for they come from the sunshine of your dear presence to the gloom of life without you. God bless you. I’m going to keep your dear Christmas letter … to read on Christmas Day…

Last night was a night of unrest for we made a bombing attack on the left and things were pretty busy for a bit. To-day too there has been a lot of shelling all day. Luckily DG no casualties. We are to be relived early tomorrow morning.

Darling mine, please wish your dear Mater a thousand good wishes – & all I know. I’ll try & write to her, but I’m very busy and its awfully hard to write in this pesky little hole in the earth. I’ve written home & to Rosa…

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