7th January 1916

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7th January 1916

Arthur has been for a recce of their next post – another mining village, just behind the lines; a slow ride into a local town – for a hair cut and tinned supplies – in a dilapidated mess cart; nail scissors from the Mater and a letter from brother Edgar; Arthur hopes Dollie’s teeth are giving her less trouble. 

This is one of the few letters of Arthur’s to be cut by the censor.

Arthur to Dollie

Billets, Friday night 9pm

… Not very much news since yesterday, dear. This morning I had hoped to be lazy – but we went up to have a look at our next resting place. We go up tomorrow night into another mining village, just behind the lines, very close to [text cut by censor]. This morning we just went up and had a look around. This afternoon, dear, Lloyd & I drove into [text cut by censor] in our mess cart. You would laugh to see it – for it is falling to pieces in parts and has a wonderful horse to put it, that hates to move at any pace faster than a slow walk! Anyway we got in all right, had a haircut & bought some tinned stuff & drove back. It’s not much of a place, chiefly mines.

This afternoon I had two letters, one from the Mater with the scissors & the other from Edgar [Agius]. I put off writing till the mail came, hoping to hear from you, dear. A forlorn hope as I had two yesterday, more than my share. I do love to hear from you, little lover mine.

Weather to-day is very boisterous & rainy. I hope it clears during these next few days,

I’m hoping that by now, both your teeth will have ceased to trouble you, dear, and that your mater is herself again…