20th January 1916

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20th January 1916

Arthur now has the time to write a decent letter to Dollie – there is much to report; he is currently an instructor (temporarily) at Divisional HQ; more importantly – his name has been put forward for leave, joy of joys!

Arthur to Dollie

The Chateau V., Thurs. even: 5.30pm

… It seems ages since I wrote a decent letter last: & a certain amount of change has taken place pro tem in my daily routine.             But before I go on to give you my news, dear, I want to thank you for 3 dear letters: Friday’s, Saturday’s & Sunday’s. Cheer up, little lover mine; the higher one’s ideals are, the nobler and more glorious one’s life becomes… I was awfully glad when I heard that your recitation was so much appreciated … You must recite to me when I come home.

Now for my news, dear. After we came out of the trenches this time we came back to B_ an outskirt of N_. We had quite a good mess room: & I had a bed in a house where lived a dear old woman who worked in the French hospital. On Tuesday I rode over to see John about pay for the Company. The CO then told me that I was to come here for a bit as he thought I deserved a bit of a rest out of fire. Alors. Yesterday afternoon the CO’s cart brought up Ochs & a new man called Webb for duty with the Coy: & brought me back. John & Sammy went off on leave last night.

This morning I started off taking parade at 9 & giving a lecture from 12 – 1. I was up till half past 12 last night formulating some notes. Hammerton is temporarily in charge of the Coy. They go up in support to-night. Lloyd is still on a course. Best of all the CO is putting in my name for leave next Wednesday, together with Bobbie’s… This is a big place – a Divisional HQ. There are 60 officers & about 150 men – so we’re pretty busy.

I’m just longing to be back with you, sweetheart mine; & the prospect of seeing you within the next 3 weeks excites me so much that I can hardly write! …



Chateau Vaudricourt where Arthur is now giving lectures…


Vaudricourt Chateau 2


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