3rd March 1916

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3rd March 1916

Arthur tries to reassure Dollie that they are not in any danger of being called upon to support the French at Verdun ; he expects to stay billeted at St Ouen for a few more days at least, before moving forward to their section of the front line “… but its no use worrying about the future, dear, its in God’s hands.”

Arthur to Dollie

Billets, Friday 1.25pm

… The post has not yet arrived: I am looking forward to it eagerly for I hope to hear from you again. I am very fit DG. The CO has a slight cold & is in bed to-day. This morning we had our usual routine: parade 9-11.30. It was rather cold & wet but has cleared up a lot now. This afternoon I am taking the Company for a route march – until 3.30. Last night I went to be early: felt very sleepy & as a result overslept myself & missed the morning run – but that wasn’t much loss.

Our movements, dear heart, are still very unknown. But you need not worry about our going any where near V-rd-n. We shall probably be here for 3 or 4 more days, I expect, & then just move along upwards in the usual way. But its no use worrying about the future, dear, its in God’s hands. Let us hope & pray that He will give it to us to enjoy each other’s presence.

Well, little lover, its time for parade & I must go…