27th March 1916

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27th March 1916

Another long day for Arthur – morning parade, meetings, preparations for the Brigade sports; the general stands them up; the haddock for breakfast was a great success; news that they may be stationed near Arras for another month at least.

Arthur to Dollie

Billets, France, Monday even 9pm

… You see I was unable to write this afternoon. To-day’s weather has been pretty awful. The morning after nine kept fine, but this afternoon the rain set in & it has poured steadily since. Nonetheless, dear, I have scarcely had a free half-hour.

This morning we were on parade as a Battalion from 8.45 until close on 1. Thence back for lunch. After lunch I held a Company sports meeting & until half-past three we were busy making preparations for our Coy sports – digging a jumping pit, measuring out the 100 yards, the quarter-mile &c. At half-past three, dear, I had to go out with Beresford, a cheval, to meet the General. We were to make a reconnaissance for a Brigade parade; due to take place to-morrow (which as a matter of fact has been postponed owing to the rain).

We were due to meet the General at 4: but he didn’t turn up till about twenty to five. It was awful unpleasant in the pouring rain as you may imagine dear. We got in at half-past five; I just had time for a cup of tea, then up to HQ for a lecture at ten to six. We were there until just on dinner time & so voila.

Yesterday, little one, I went to Confession & Communion at 7.45 & to Mass at half-past ten, after breakfast. In the afternoon the semi-finals of the Brigade football, our A Coy v. a Coy of the 8th Middlesex. We just lost, after a good game by 2-3.

We had the haddock this morning for breakfast – ripping – you are a darling, ar’n’t you! Evie has not been very fit to-day: just under the weather.

… I will do as you ask about my things dear & write to Joe as soon as I get a free hour. We are near A- as you guessed, but a very long way back. We thought that we’d only be here for another fortnight, but to-day the Brigade Major told me that we might be here another month!