6th April 1916

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6th April 1916

Arthur has had a hectic two days working at the Court Martial – not helped by the fact he has had a raging toothache; Arthur is overjoyed to read however that Dollie’s recent meeting with Fr McNamara was a great success.

Arthur to Dollie

Billets. France, Thurs. even. 9.20pm.

… I’m so sleepy, darling for I’ve had a pretty long two days of it, & tomorrow there’s another long day ahead. I’m going to give you my news first, dear, & then thank you for 4 letters … Sunday, 2 of Monday & one of Tuesday.

Yesterday I had rather a toothache – not where I had my tooth seen to – but on the other side. So I stayed in my flea-bag til 11. However the temporary Doc, a fellow names Butler (our permanent M.O. is on leave) managed to stop the ache. I had lunch at half-past 12, and an hour later left in the Mess Cart for F. Here I was detailed for 24 hours duty as escort to a Captain of the A.S.C. undergoing Court Martial. I was not wanted until about 4: so I bought some gloves & some pyjamas (my others are worn out). Then tea with Henri whom I met there. After tea I reported at the Court and sat there til 5. The Court adjourned then. We had tea, that is to say the accused, his counsel & I, & then left for P, about 21 kilometres away, by car. When we got there, dinner & bed. This morning brekker at 8.45 & a car back to F. at 9. The court sat from 10 – 1, lunch 2. After lunch I was relieved & decided to walk back. I got in about 4.30, had tea & have been busy ever since. I’m simply awfully tired & can scarcely keep awake.

I’m simply overjoyed that the meeting with Fr. Mc. was such a success. Bravo! You are a darling for I realise all that it must mean, & how hard it must be. You darling, you’re simply wonderful. Of course I’ll write to Fr. Mc. at once! I’ll send you a copy, shall I, dear?…