12th April 1916

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12th April 1916

The cold, windy and wet weather is not helping Arthur’s mood – the post is delayed, he is worried about his Subaltern, T., plus he is having a difficult time trying to phrase an appropriate letter to the Pater regarding his long hoped for marriage to Dollie.

Arthur to Dollie

Billets. France, Wednes. 9.15pm

… To-day has been another day of pouring rain & cold winds. There was no regular mail, only just a few letters that should have come yesterday. Thank heaven there was one from you, dear; Saturday’s.

… This morning I was out on parade from 7 till a quarter past & from 9 to 12 as usual. It was very wet and unpleasant, as you may imagine, little one. The wind was blowing half a gale & it poured. My Cording, though, is simply ripping & quite rain proof.

This afternoon we were to have had a lecture by the Brigade Major down at R-. However it was postponed until tomorrow because of the weather. I was glad for I have been worried lately an awful lot as to the best way of approaching the Pater – and the last few days have been full of work & other worries, especially this case of T. So I was glad of the opportunity and drafted a letter. I shall sleep on it to-night and send it on to you to-morrow, dear – for I am not pleased with it in its present form…