15th April 1916

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15th April 1916

Arthur’s letter writing has been interrupted by their landlady’s raging and screaming; a wet morning, but the football match still goes ahead, followed by pay day for the men; thankfully the affair of Subaltern T. has been resolved by common sense on the part of their commanding officers – to Arthur’s great relief; tomorrow is Palm Sunday and Arthur plans to get up early for Confession and Communion.

Arthur to Dollie:

France, Satur. even. 9.55

… I was happy to-day to get two dear letters, that I shall keep to answer to-morrow. I was going to write earlier to-night, but our mad old woman has been on the rampage again, raging & screaming. This time it was because her young boy has been stealing the servant’s things & we wanted her to stop it.

To-day has been much finer, though it has rained heavily once or twice especially this morning. This morning we were on parade 9-12: after lunch we wandered over to see a football match – a battalion team v. the 3rd London battery RFA. We lost 1-3. Tomorrow D.V. A Coy are playing the remainder of the Battalion. We hope to do them down. After tea, dear, I paid out the Company: then came in and had a tub. Tomorrow I’m getting up at 6.45 for Confession & Communion – it’s Palm Sunday.

You’ll be glad to hear, dear, I’m sure that this T. affaire has blown over thanks to the broadminded views of our Brigadier & Divisional General: who realised that it was foolishness & not vice on T’s part. So a great load is off my mind D.G.