29th April 1916

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29th April 1916

Arthur is overjoyed at some important news in Dollie’s letters [the Pater has had a talk with Dollie’s Mother recently regarding the proposed marriage]; a couple of letters from brother Dickie – now at Rouen with the 2/3rds; letters also from the Mater and brother Tancred at Downside, and Dollie’s sister and family – the Cocquerels.

Arthur to Dollie

France, Satur: 8.40pm


My own little darling Wife-to-be …             I feel so excited and intoxicated with joy and happiness that I scarcely know how to write… I feel the hopeless impossibility of saying all I want to.

I have your four letters of Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday; I am going to keep them until to-morrow, dear and answer them fully – for it is late to-night & I am very weary. My course finished this morning & I came back this afternoon. I have been to Confession. To-morrow D.V. to Mass & Communion at 8.

I’ve had 2 letters from Dick – he is now at Rouen –   the 2 / 3 are being split up & will probably furnish us with drafts. I’ve also had a letter from the Mater, dated the 24th enclosing a letter from Tancred; also a postcard from Albert, Amy Cecil & Dudley.

Oh, Darling, isn’t the news ripping, Thank God! I feel I cannot bear another moment from you… God bless you…