13th May 1916

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13th May 1916

An account of the previous night’s work in the trenches; the weather was wet and the German’s strafed the Companies – there were seven casualties, one of whom was killed [Private Elston]; 2nd Lt Parry of “A” Company received a leg wound – nothing serious, thankfully; Arthur has replied to the Pater’s letter concerning their wedding prospects and promises to send Dollie copies of the correspondence; after a rare bath and clean uniform Arthur is almost feeling a gentleman again, and cheered by the thought of leave in a few weeks time.

Arthur to Dollie:

Billets, Satur. even: 8.30pm

Thanks awfully for your dear letter of Wednesday that came to-day. You dear, I’m glad to hear you’re fit. I’m anxious for to-morrow’s letter to know how you got on at No3.

Last night we were out on a working party. I had my company split up all along the Brigade front, doing odd jobs. We parade at half-past 6 & weren’t back till about a quarter past 2. I was tired. Part of the line was very muddy & wet: to add to our joys it began to rain heavily just before two when we were on our way back. “A” Coy who were on our right were strafed for a few minutes & had 7 casualties, of whom one was killed. One of their officers, Parry, who has only just joined them, got a “cushy” one in the leg – Luck! To-night C & D were due for work but only C have gone.

We were up very late this morning, dear: about 9. It has been pouring hard all day, so parades have been rather “off”. We had a foot inspection at half-past 11, lunch at 1.15: another inspection at 2. To-night we were due to do an hours night operations but owing to the weather the CO has cancelled it.

This afternoon, dear, I spent making a fair copy of my letter to the Pater – so I am sending it on. To-morrow DV I’ll send on his answer.

After tea I had a tub & changed – simply priceless. So I’m feeling a gentleman again. To-morrow’s programme so far is parade 9-10: Confession, Mass & Communion at 10.45.

About leave, little one – a far as I can make out, Bobbie will get his direct from the Divisional School: but there are Wilcox & Davison in his place here. So its not very easy to fix a date. I’ll let you know as soon as I know, dear. I’m just longing to see you again, sweet heart of mine. May the time fly these next two or three weeks. But I’m afraid it won’t! It’s just the other way!