15th May 1916

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15th May 1916

Arthur asks Dollie to sends condolences to a mutual friend, whose husband was killed in action in Belgium recently; kit inspection for the men, meanwhile Arthur and Dollie’s brother Edouard have a recce of the support trenches they will occupy tomorrow for a few days; the fine evening leaves Arthur in a reflective mood – wishing he was sharing it with Dollie.

Arthur to Dollie:

Billets, Mon even 9.15

… I am sorry to hear about Eddie Hoare. I remember well how you wrote & told me when he left to come here. Poor chap – poor Lilian. I don’t know what to say. Words, as you say, little one, are so inexpressive… I am sorry. Will you offer my sympathy to Lilian …

Both your Friday & Saturday letters came to-day dear – you are a darling to write so regularly. I do appreciate it.  Last night it simply poured & it rained hard all this morning; so we just had kit inspections. At 12 the CO had a pow-wow for we go up to-morrow again for a few days. I shall be in support for two or three days. We go back into the same bit of line. This afternoon, after a hurried lunch I rode up with Edouard & Gilbert to have a look round. When I came back I went into HQ to talk over things with the CO & stayed there for tea.

This evening, dear, its rather finer & there’s a ripping moon. It’s awfully comforting to realise that it’s the same moon that shines on you. Darling, I’m just dying to be with you again…