29th May 1916

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29th May 1916

Leave cannot come to soon for Arthur; Dollie’s cake has arrived but circumstances have prevented him from sampling it yet; the funeral of Lt. Knight and his Sergeant; Arthur shares with Dollie the glowing praise he and his men have earned from the Corps Commander, after their recent night work – his name has been recommended to the General.

Arthur to Dollie

Billets, Monday even: 9.5pm

… A letter came from you to-day, dated Saturday last: you dear little lover. I’m longing to be with you again. Please heaven it won’t be long now though I’m afraid I cannot give you a date as they don’t know when we shall next get an allotment. To-day we have had [it] pretty quiet. I hav’n’t had a taste of the cake yet, for the CO took me off to tea with him. You generous little soul, thanks a thousandfold…

This morning we paraded at 11 – various kit inspections. This afternoon poor Knight was buried with his Serjeant and another – they were all killed by the same shell. They buried them here – we all went. The Brigadier came. He is a good chap. Afterwards the CO took me in to tea with him: and after tea we walked into the next village to see the CO of the 2nd Londons – Attenborough. He was out; so we had our walk for nothing.

The CO told me that he was very pleased with the work I’d done over this job: & that he had recommended my name to the General. So I’m feeling rather bucked; for it’s been a bit of a strain. We had a very Special Order from the Corps Commander that I’ll bring home with me. It ran like this “The GCO the Division has received the following wire from Lieut. Gen. Sir T. D’O Snow KCB Commanding – Corps: “The Corps Commander congratulates your Brigadier General Nugent and all ranks of the – Brigade on the boldly conceived & gallantly executed work of the last two nights. It shews what can be done by troops who refuse to take the enemy at his own valuation. Both the Army Commander & the Commander-in-Chief yesterday, expressed their satisfaction with the operation! In forwarding the above message the Brigadier General Commanding wishes to thank all ranks for the splendid way in which they have carried out an arduous & difficult task.”

What do you think of that dear! Evie is not yet back. As present arrangements are, we shall probably be here for about a week & then move further back. I am bucked that the Mater has asked you to No3. I am just mad for leave…