12th June 1916

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12th June 1916

A wet Whit Monday with not post from home – but so far Arthur has escaped a spell in the mud, being kept busy on Company business; a tea-time trip to see the Division Pierrots – the “Bow Belles” and Arthur is quite overcome by some of the music; the brigade are to move back to tomorrow for a week – but Arthur’s battalion has to wait an extra 3 days before they are relieved.

Arthur to Dollie

Billets, Whitmonday 9.30pm

No mail to-day; it seemed almost to much to expect over Whitsuntide but I did hope. To-morrow D.V. I shall hear from you & how you have got on these last few days.To-day dear has been a day of rain & mud. Luckily I was not on duty with any working party. I’ve been fairly busy with some Company matters.

This evening after tea we went into S- to see the “Bow Belles” – the Division Pierrots – they are really awfully good. There is a fellow with a wonderful voice & another a first-class violinist. The music tears at my heart-strings…

News, dear, is fairly scarce. The brigade move back to-morrow for a week. We stay here for 3 days & then change over with one of the battalions that will have gone back. Reeves is in England. Wilcox has applied to go to Hurdcott! David Jones is still at Rouen. Sammy is on short leave at Paris.

I hope the weather clears up a bit to-morrow. I’m going to keep the three letters, little one, till I hear from you to-morrow. I like to have something of yours to read always by me. Good-night … Remember me to your dear Mother; sleep well, dear, happy dreams…


The Bow Belles