16th June 1916

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16th June 1916

Arthur has marched the remainder of the Battalion back to safer billets in Halloy; the officers have a comfortable mess room for once and Arthur even has a bed – but alas they will only be there for a few days; poor Arthur is suffering with the toothache and the effects of the morphine have worn off – if the doctor can’t help him he hopes to find a dentist tomorrow.

Arthur to Dollie

Billets. H., Friday even. 9pm

… To-day there was no new from you, so I am looking forward eagerly to to-morrow. Last night I had toothache rather – in the side opposite to that which Barclay saw to. Luckily after two or three hours I found some morphine I had & managed to get some sleep. This morning it still ached, so I saw the Doctor & he gave me something that lessened the pain. I was due for another working party, but didn’t go.

This afternoon we paraded at 2, and marched back here. The CO and Sammy had ridden on ahead, Edouard & Rochford were out working, so I was in charge of the remainder of the battalion. We reached here about half-past five, so you see dear we are a little way back. Unfortunately, I’m afraid were only here for 2 or 3 days. We have a very comfortable mess room & I’ve a bed. The others & the men are sleeping in huts.

The weather to-day, dear, has been very fine & sunny with big white clouds – the country looks ripping in the sun. This is rather a pleasant little village. It is just our luck to be moved along so soon. All our domestic arrangements are of course upset. We had tea about a quarter to eight & hav’n’t yet had dinner – though it is due in 5 or 10 mins time!

I’m afraid my silly tooth still aches a bit. I’m sending down to the Doc for some more stuff: if it doesn’t get better I’ll try and go over to M- to-morrow where they say there’s a dentist.