14th July 1916

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14th July 1916

Dollie has managed to take a holiday at last and is now in Seaford with her Mother; good news from the Front – another push has resulted in the capture of three more villages; Arthur is free to leave the school at the weekend but probably won’t go as the transport arrangements are terrible – he would spend more time travelling than relaxing. 

Arthur to Dollie

Fri morn. 8.45

… Two more dear letters arrived yesterday – Saturday (8th) & Monday (10th). I was so happy to get them.

Poor sweet heart, I can understand what a muddle there must have been about getting away and I know, don’t I, dear, how fidgety your Mater must have been. Anyway I’m most awfully pleased that you’ve been able to go out of town for a bit. I shall do as you say about letters, so I am addressing this to Seaford.

Yes, dear, if you wish, you can always wire me here, Third Army School, B.E.F. You need not put my regiment… Have a good time, dear. For the rest, God bless you & help you. I am always praying for you. Be happy. It’s nearly time again for parade, dear, so I shall continue at midday, after lunch & give you my news…

… It’s now twenty past 3, and I’ve got a short time before parade & the post to get off a few lines. Good news has just come in: we have pushed forward again and taken another 3 villages.

To-morrow comes an opportunity of getting away. I don’t think I shall go, though: for the train connections are bad – it means getting away for less that 24 hours (most of it night) & there is great difficulty in getting back. There used to be 6 buses attached to the school but they have been taken away & to go away may involve a tramp of 25 kilometres on the return journey. Anyway Paris, I think, is out of the question.

We are still very busy: but knock off to-morrow midday until Monday morning. There is to be a cricket match against the 1st Indian Cavalry Division. I shall write again after tea, dear. I do hope you’re having a good time … I’d give anything to be back with you again…