20th July 1916

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20th July 1916

A short letter today as Arthur tries to write a few lines before work begins; the days start misty but soon become hot – unlike the weather in Eastbourne. There is a Concert at the Army School and a few of the numbers played by the band made Arthur feel homesick for Dollie

Arthur to Dollie

Thurs. 8.30am

… Your dear letters of Sunday & Monday came from Eastbourne yesterday. I’m sorry the weather hasn’t been very good: yesterday here there was a thick mist in the early morning but it turned out a glorious hot day. There is a mist this morning too – but I think it is going to be very hot…

Yesterday afternoon we did physical drill & bayonet fighting – very strenuous but good fun. After tea, which I had in my room, I did some work. Mess was early – at 7.30 – as there was a Concert at half-past 8. It was quite a good show: I am enclosing the programme. The orchestra consisted of 8 violins, 2 cellos, 3 or 4 reed instruments & the usual big brass. Not at all bad. I felt so homesick for you, dear, when they played Bric-a-Brac and the Bing Boys!.

I love to hear that you wore the “hat with the tulle brim”. Is that the one that “comes down”? But it’s a shame to tease you. Well, dear, its nearly time for parade. Remember me awfully kindly to the Davidsons. Is there a kitchen garden at Mill View? Do you remember the one at Pinner & the little pond where the frogs were?

So au revoir till this evening…



The Bing Boys is a reference to a new show in the West End that Arthur and Dollie would have been to see on his last leave….    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Bing_Boys_Are_Here