27th July 1916

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27th July 1916

Arthur is on cloud nine today as three letters have finally reached him from Dollie, including a piece of her ribbon for his identity tags – and there are more decisions to be made for THE wedding!

Arthur to Dollie

Thurs 6.55pm

I’m so happy to-day for three dear letters were waiting for me after parade. God bless you. Thanks awfully for the ribbon, dear … It is round my neck now. I’m glad you like Sandes, dear – of course, it was a good idea to have asked him up for the WEDDING … Elsie will have someone to talk to.

To-day started very dull & oppressive – steamy & hot, just like a vapour bath. But this afternoon it has cleared & is now very fine. We have had rather an active day. This morning we practised the attack, this afternoon physical drill & bayonet fighting for two hours – very hot – then a lecture by a Gunner General that was very sound.

To-morrow we are to have a day out doing an Advanced Guard Scheme. Last night there was a concert – local talent – not bad. One very humorous parody of Harry Tate & his car. I didn’t get to bed till eleven. To-night the CO & Tracey (second-in-command) are coming to Mess.

You see, little one, the days do not vary much. The ordinary programme of work keeps us hard at it till tea (between 5 & 5.30). From then, one is more or less unofficially busy with bayonet fighting, or making notes. There is generally something to do. This is my little cosmos – lit by the light of love…