21st August 1916

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21st August 1916

The disorganised mail arrangements have meant that Arthur has not been able to manage a daily letter to Dollie recently and her post is also slow in reaching him; it would seem that Dollie has suggested meeting up with a presumably mutual friend, Sandes, and Arthur is all concern that if they did meet it may give people reason to talk.

Arthur to Dollie

Monday 12.45 pm.

… I’m writing now – we’ve only just come off parade – as we are at work this afternoon from a quarter past two until about a quarter to five & the post goes at 4.30. I’m longing for to-day’s mail to hear from you, darling. I’m afraid these past few days, really since I came back from the school, have been rather disorganised … Anyway darling let me get my news off since yesterday. After tea I changed & had a wash & went to Benediction at the parish Church. That took up to close on dinner time. I turned in very early afterwards. This morning breakfast at 8; parade from 9 until about half past 12.

By the way, sweetheart mine, you’ll be glad to hear that I’ve written to Barbara – Quel effort!

Let us talk, sweet one. First about Sandes. My dearest, I trust you. I can say no more …. And loving you so sweetheart, there is only one thing we must guard – & that is your dear name. I should loathe & hate it if anyone, however despicable or insignificant, were to say anything however impossible or untrue, against your fair name… So, darling, all that I would say is be careful – don’t let people talk. If you think it all right, of course you must go & meet him. I trust you, you dear – for you’re the sweetest girl in all the wide world. God bless you…