28th August 1916

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28th August in 1916

Arthur has the final confirmation from home that sister Inez has died and he resolves to write to his Mother. The early morning training sessions are taking their toll – the days are long and the weather intensely squally so it is hard work keeping the men enthusiastic during this period of strenuous activity.

Arthur to Dollie

Monday even. 9.40

… I was so pleased to get your news to-day. I am so sorry that you haven’t heard from me, dear; by now D.V. it will be all right again. The posts have been rather upset.

I am awfully sorry to see from your letter that the news about Inez is true. It is hard to say anything for one feels so much, and words are futile really when one needs the expression of deep feeling. I shall write to the Mater.

There is not very much of news here, sweetheart. We were up again at 5.45 & out training until after 2. The SW wind still blows strong and we have constant rain squalls of fierce intensity. So that our work needs all our interest to keep the flame of enthusiasm alight.

This afternoon I had various odd jobs to see to. After tea I wanted to pay the men; but we Coy Commanders had the daily pow-wows with Sammy at 6. I didn’t get back until after 7: so Thomas paid for me.

I’m feeling a wee bit tired to-night, dear, for the work is pretty strenuous. To-morrow we shall be up again at 5.45 & shall be out until 5pm. It will be a long day…