1st November 1916

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1st November 1916

Arthur is now back on the train again – heading towards Southampton and the docks. He fervently hopes his outward journey may be delayed a little longer – so they can meet up one more time…

Arthur to Dollie

5pm, Brooklands

… There is no news yet of course but I haven’t given up hope that I shall see you again before to-morrow D.V.

I am all anxiety to know how you are getting on dear & long already for news of you. I do hope you are all right. Take all car of yourself, darling, especially if it is dark & wet. I’m feeling very sleepy as a result of the great lunch your Mater provided for me. So I’m going to doze for a few minutes. I can scarcely keep my eyes open.

… It is now 6 o’clock, dear, and we have only just passed Basingstoke. We stopped but not nearly as long as on Monday. No-one seems to think we will cross to-night – but there is no information. It is all as yet a matter of opinion. I wonder what will happen.

Anyway my darling, in case we do cross, I’ll try & get this off at Southampton. Try & keep your dear heart brave and enduring …. Let us put ourselves into Gods hands & trust to Him. Know that I am with you always, dearest, night & day: may God bless you & protect you…