24th November 1916

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24th November 1916

Still reasonably quiet in the front line and mercifully the rain continues to hold off – though it is growing colder. Arthur has a little moan about how aimless his life feels but realises it must be hard too for Dollie: “… to endure the daily round, & to make brave pretence that life is normal”. Whilst writing this letter a spider drops down on Arthur – which he takes as a sign of hope!

Arthur to Dollie

Fri. evening 4.45pm

The postal folk continue to smile on us … Your letter of the 20th came up last night… What bad luck Sandes has had with his arm: I hope that if he does have to be operated on again, it will be a final one. I should just loathe to be continually messed about.

Today has been fairly quiet again – the weather is not so good, though it hasn’t rained and the barometer is high, but it has grown colder & cloudy. Maitland was round with Minshull this afternoon. He hopes to go on leave to-morrow. I hadn’t realised it but it is about 3 months since he was married.

I am feeling awfully restless; life out here without you seems almost aimless, dear … But its selfish of me to grouse, isn’t it, dear: it must be awfully hard for you at home to endure the daily round, & to make brave pretence that life is normal. I think I can realise it in some measure: I do appreciate it.

A spider has just dropped beside me “araignée de soir, espoir” isn’t it – so here’s luck, sweetheart mine …