28th November 1916

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28th November 1916

News from Dollie – she has been to see a show at the Palace and Arthur remembers other visits there, in happier times. Dollie is also going to recite at a fund-raising concert – and is feeling nervous at the prospect. Arthur visits HQ and hears brother Alfred should be back from Army school soon – he is looking forward to his return. Meanwhile Arthur has had a hair cut, and after finishing work: “ I managed to get a very priceless hot bath in front of the fire in the Mess after tea”.

Arthur to Dollie

Tues. even: 9pm

… I was so pleased to have your Saturday’s letter to-day. Really the mails from home have been ripping lately… I am awfully glad you were going to the Palace: their show is usually good – is this new one up to the mark – & it seems rather an inviting friendly place. Do you remember a matinee there a long time ago. You & the Mater and I in a box; that Wolter gave. We saw The Passing Show at least twice together too, didn’t we dear.

It’s awfully good of you to have promised to recite for Mrs Sturge. You darling, I know what an effort it means. God bless your dear soul. Of course I shall be thinking of you, dear, and praying for your success – but that is certain. What is the concert for?

Yesterday dear, I seemed to be awfully busy without doing much. We are not back in those awful huts D.G. but in a farm. The only drawback was that it hadn’t been occupied for some time either by the local folk or troops and as a result was absolutely bare of & innocent of anything in the nature of furniture. However, as I’ve said, we made window panes out of the paper the cake came in, & a table out of a door laid flat on a birdcage! Chairs we borrowed from the farm opposite. Straw we found for our beds, so that we are settling down comfortably.

Gray came in last night from the Bomb School. He returns I think on Saturday. To-day I had my hair cut: then went along to HQ. They are all fit there. Garrard goes on leave to-night. Alfred should now be back in a day or two. I’m looking forward to seeing him

The weather started off by being gloriously fine. Then it seems to have repented suddenly, dear; & about 12 a thick white mist came up & is still hanging about us, very damp & thick.

This afternoon I meant to get over to L-G- [La Gorgue] to see Davis but a heap of small things cropped up & I had to stay. However I managed to get a very priceless hot bath in front of the fire in the Mess after tea.