10th December 1916

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10th December 1916

Arthur has heard more promising news about the longed-for months leave – the CO had written a supporting letter when he forwarded the application; more meetings with brother Alfred, including Sunday Mass and a trip to buy 300 lb of pork for the men’s Christmas dinner. Arthur teases Dollie about brother Dickie being something of a lady killer when taking her out to the theatre – but wholeheartedly approves of his choice!

Arthur to Dollie

Sunday aft: 3.45pm.

Thanks a thousandfold for your dear letter of Thursday & a very priceless cake. You thoughtful & generous little soul, you are a darling.

I am getting more hopeful about my leave. I just long for it to go through. Crompton spoke to me about it this morning. He is acting as Adjutant while Minshull is away. He told me that the CO had written a very strong letter of recommendation backing it up. It would be just heavenly if I got it. I scarcely trust myself to think about it.

Last night dinner was rather late: we didn’t get it till nine. We went to bed soon after. This morning I got up soon after eight. Breakfast about 9. I then went along to HQ to Alfred & we both went to Mass together. I was pleased to be able to go – it is the first time for about three weeks.

After Mass he & I went and bought some pork for the men’s Christmas feed -300lbs! This afternoon I’ve been slacking. To tell you the truth, dear, I meant to write several letters but couldn’t find my block and its envelopes. So I have had to send for my second block & some envelopes from the local shops. Alfred had a letter from the Mater with an enclosure from Edgar. He seems very cheery & contented at Torquay – they rather seem to have fallen into a “soft” place.

This evening after tea I am due at HQ at 5 for a pow-wow on our programme of work whilst “out”.   It is just past 4 now: so I shall [have] to postpone my other letters…

So glad to hear [you] liked “Daddy-Long-Legs”. It was very sporting of Cock. I’ll write him a line. You say he’s very fond of me, must be to take out a sister-in-law. Perhaps you’re rather the object of his affections! than me. Or perhaps he isn’t altogether displeased to be seen out with so neat & dainty a girl. Perhaps he’s even a wee bit of a lady-killer. But it’s a shame to call him that, isn’t it dear…