16th December 1916

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16th December 1916

In anticipation of leave, Dollie suggests Arthur and she stay at No3 for Christmas [instead of at the Noel’s]. The weather is sunny and the men’s football match ends in yet another draw – so they will have to play again. Elsewhere on the front line it is not so festive for some as: “While on parade we heard of a new French success at Verdun, 7500 prisoners & an unusual amount of heavy artillery captured”.

Arthur to Dollie

Satur even: 6.45.

… If I was disappointed in the non-arrival of a mail yesterday, to-day made up for it & brought me three dear letters from you, Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s & Thursday’s. God bless you, my darling: thanks a thousand times. I am expecting to hear about leave any minute almost now, dear: if, as the Brigade say, it is likely to begin on the 19th, I ought to hear fairly soon now. I am most awfully excited.

If all goes well, darling, I think your suggestion that we stay at No3 best, especially as 45 will be full. But we’ll get away for our next honeymoon, don’t worry! We will decide all about it when I see you (yeober thought). Its simply too glorious for words.

Last night, Alfred & I, & Garrard, Jones Rochford & young Page dined at Estaires. We had quite a good dinner but I didn’t get into bed until after eleven. It seems awful late for out here. To-night the Doc & I are dining at C & D Coys joint Mess (Garrard & Jones). This morning we had the usual parades. It was a ripping day, very sunny. While on parade we heard of a new French success at Verdun, 7500 prisoners & an unusual amount of heavy artillery captured. Cheero!

This afternoon the re-play of the football match against the Ambulance came off. It was a most excellent game – for they were 3-1, half-way through the second “half”. But we managed to pull up & in spite of an extra 10 minutes play the score remained 3-3. So we will have to play again.

After tea I went to Confession. I was very glad to be able to go. Sammy was over to-day but I didn’t see him: also Edouard. I only saw him for a moment whilst watching the match. He looked very pleased with himself. I think his job must suit him. To-morrow I hope to get to Mass & Communion at 9am. I am glad to hear that Sandes is so much better, dear; you’ll remember me to him, won’t you, dear, when next you see him.

I find it awful hard to write coherently …I am longing for the news to come through definitely…