1914: Countdown to war – 2

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ETA has decided that Dickie is to leave Downside at the end of July 1914. Dom Leander does not try to change ETA’s mind over the boy’s possible university education. He has been here twice before with ETA. Edgar was removed from Downside a year early, but eventually went to Cambridge. Poor Arthur was robbed of his place at Oxford (to study Law) by circumstance, and placed in solicitors Messrs Cooper in the City in January 1911. In summer 1914 Tancred, now a young monk of Downside (Dom Ambrose), is busy studying in Rome.

Fr Ramsay replies to ETA:

“Dear Mr Agius

Thank you for your letter of the 11th. I am very sorry that you had so much trouble. I am sure the trouble was incidental in the situation.

I note that you have tried to take Dick from school. It seems to me just a little early but doubtless you have fully considered this matter. I need not say we should be very sorry to lose him…”

Source: Ramsay/Agius Family transcripts 2017