1914: Countdown to War – 7

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A second report on Dickie from Headmaster Ramsay to Maria Concetta, anxiously waiting at home for news – and probably not quite the end of (final) term everyone was expecting:

“Dear Mrs Agius,

I am glad to say Dick is very much better. The swelling has gone down. It is difficult at present to be quite sure what the permanent result will be. At present the nose is a little inclined to one side. The doctor thinks he can rectify this to a great extent.

It is very unfortunate that this trouble should come at this time. Dick takes immense interest in everything that is to do with the school. I think he felt very much debarred from taking part in our ceremonies on Friday. The doctor advises he should not attempt the Higher School certificate.”

Source: Ramsay/ Agius family Transcripts 2017