16th November 1918

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16th November 1918: Recovering in bed from the flu, Adela is well placed to view the comings and goings at the Grove. ETA has already begun to plan for the future now the hostilities are officially over, and will be leaving soon for Gibraltar. Meanwhile he needs to know how soon sons Arthur and Alfred can resign their commissions and start work again. Uproar at the Joseph Agius household in Downside Crescent – they have an invasion of moths in the carpet!

3 Belsize Grove, NW 3
Saturday Afternoon, 16th November 1918

… I’m much better today. Its left me with a sore throat & a back. I think I’ve got over the fever wonderfully quickly don’t you? Don’t you remember last time, how long I took? I don’t expect I shall be able to go back to work for a week, it all depends when he lets me get up…

Everyone has gone out this afternoon. We were going in any case to the theatre – Mater, Pater, Joe, Daisy & myself. Mabel Mortimer has gone instead of me. It’s like one of those disappointments you have when you’re very small!!! Everybody has been so decent to me. I don’t know what I should have done if Daisy hadn’t nabbed me that night

I’m dying for a letter from [you]. It’s always the way isn’t it? When you want one most they are sure to be delayed. Arthur and Dolly are coming on Tuesday & Alfred tonight I think. He will be pleased to find me in his bed! Maggie & Co are coming on Tuesday. They are cleaning the house & found the moth in the carpet! That made me laugh!! The Pater wants to see Arthur & Alfred before he goes to Gib to settle what they are going to do if they can resign now. I wonder if you will be home for Xmas? Do you think you will? I lie and wonder all day what you are doing…

[Saturday night:]

… I don’t think I’ve ever been so disappointed at not getting a letter as I am tonight. The Dr has just been & won’t let me get up tomorrow or Monday; I could kill him.

Nannie is such a dear, she sits with me at night, & we laugh, I think she quite enjoys somebody being up here.

The Pater has been up to see me three times today. I do love you all. I’m quite in love with Alfred. He came to see me tonight. He’s gone out on the [?] I wish you were at home so you could have gone with him & enjoyed yourself. He’s going to have a great time and looked topping in his blue. Daisy has a bit of a head, or she said she would go to see the fireworks. You’ve no idea how this room & Nannie & the Dr brings my being ill before back to me. I keep half expecting to see you walk in. Mabel Mortimer came up to see me this evening. She looked awfully well.

Buck up and come home Edgar darling. I’m dying to see you again & write soon…