19th November 1918

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19th November 1918: Adela is now well enough to leave the Grove and has been out to have some fresh air with Arthur & Dollie, but alas Daisy is now under the weather. Adela meets an old flame of Edgar’s at lunch. Poor Adela is feeling a little homesick for her Devon house, and wishes her sister, Winifrede, would make contact.

3 Belsize Grove, NW 3
Tuesday evening, 19th November 1918

…I’m going over the way after dinner tonight, so you see I’m better again. I went to Dolly’s house with her & Arthur this afternoon for the first time out & the Dr came and found me out & was cross.

Daisy is in bed. She was going out to a bridge dinner but of course can’t & is very disappointed. I think she’s got a chill only. Dolly & Co are going out to dinner & trying to dance after, but they can’t find anywhere to go. Maggie is coming on Thursday, but you never saw such a mess her house is in – awful. I’m going to see Woo on Thursday & then to work again on Friday…

Some people called Lass came to lunch. The girl was very pretty & was telling me how she went out with you when you were very young & only had 2/6 in your pocket and she had 1/6. So you sat in the Pit!! I did laugh.

The helmet arrived this morning. I’ve got one exactly like it at home. It is being put with your other things. It is not so cold but very foggy. I hate the fog. It is so dark going down the garden!!! I haven’t heard from Winifrede. I feel quite homesick sometimes. You can’t help it however happy you are, can you? If I hadn’t you to think about, I think I should go mad.

The Lass’s are in a house belonging to Admiral Tinkler. I know them quite well. Funny isn’t it? …