21st November 1918

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21st November 1918: Adela and Nannie at the Grove are getting together a birthday parcel to send to Edgar at Douai – he will be 30 on 1st December. Adela seems to be living with a motley crew at her Howitt Road digs – but always manages to find humour in the situation.

58 Howitt Road,
Thursday, 21st November 1918

… I got a sweet letter from you tonight, but don’t worry darling. I’m quite all right again now. I’m going back to the office on Monday. I ought to go tomorrow but I don’t feel quite strong yet. I had lunch & tea with Woo today & I bought you a pair of woollen gloves. I gave them to Nannie to put in with your breeches. I hope they will do.

I moved into my new room tonight. I’m very comfy now. The food is a bit scarce but I make up for it at No3 !! It was rather funny the Mater nabbing me wasn’t it? I expect you are frightfully pleased aren’t you? I wonder what you think of the photos?

I’ll tell you about the people here. Major & Mrs Buchannan are very nice. and a sweet little boy. Mrs has a face like a full moon & protruding eyes. Mrs Norris, very nice but has bunions. Miss Summers, just like Puss in Boots with glasses on & terrible feet. Mrs & Miss Toogood, very nice. Two Danes – I hardly ever see them except at meals & they take all the potatoes. Two French people very nice. An old man – simply terrible – a long beard & drops his porridge on it & takes Malt, coughs all over you & his false teeth are too big & they clatter all the time…

I’m sitting up in bed writing this & am going to turn in now, so good night darling…

[PS:] Maggie came home today