22nd November 1918

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22nd November 1918: Adela is now back in her own room at Howitt Road – she recounts the uncomfortable night she spent in a borrowed woollen nightgown at the Grove! Edgar’s camera cannot be found, despite a good search of the house. Adela is still feeling homesick for Devon, and hopes Edgar will be granted Christmas leave.

58 Howitt Road
Friday 22nd November 1918

… I’m writing this as usual in bed. I’ve just made myself some coffee. I wish you were here to have some it’s so lovely and hot. I was going back to work today, but I didn’t feel extra grand so I’m not going now until Monday. I went into the West End & shopped & started my jumper tonight. I shall never finish it I’m quite sure.

I get on awfully well with the people here. They are all much older than I am that’s the only thing. Yes! The woollen night gown was just like a bag of fleas! You know what a terrible punishment that was to me don’t you? Nannie just laughed at me!

Darling, we can’t find your camera anywhere. I looked in your desk & your room. Is it a VPR? Nobody seems quite sure what it is like. I tidied your draw in the morning room for you & burnt a lot of rubbish you had collected together. It is so cold.

I do miss you darling & try not to get depressed, but I get homesick sometimes. You can’t help it at times … I do hope you’ll be home for Xmas. Do try won’t you?

If I don’t go out with Woo tomorrow I’m going out with Mrs Rhind [wife of Col. Rhind]. Good night darling …