25th November 1918

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25th November 1918: Monday morning and Adela is back at work – annoyed that they stopped her pay whilst sick – but glad that she is now in a different group with friend Coonie. She is pleased to hear that her father hopes to come home in the spring; brother Hubert is now with HQ 5th Tank Brigade, BEF. The evening brings a domestic disaster when Adela drops her prized photo of Edgar and the glass shatters. The mystery of Miss Morrell is revealed – she was at the Grove to give a recital.

Commission Internationale De Ravitaillement
India House
Kingsway WC2
Room 1 Ground Floor

Monday 25th November, 1918

… You see I’m back here again, I’ve changed rooms. I’m in with Coonie. I’ve taken Capt Hargraves place. I had a long letter from Hubert this morning. He thinks Father will be at home in the spring, loud cheers, I’m fearfully bucked. He also said he had a card from you & Gilbert, but didn’t know your address. His is: HQ 5th Tank Brigade, BEF. He seems very pleased with life.

This is only a short note, just to break the monotony of this place after lunch. Will write tonight …

58 Howitt Road
Monday night, 25th November 1918

…I’ve had two letters from you today & feel very pleased with life. I had a great surprise tonight. About 5 I rang up Mrs Rhind from the office & a very old friend of mine answered the phone a boy called Bernard Lauderman. A very old pal of mine. Also he came round and fetched me from the office & I came home & changed & had dinner with he and his father. How we laughed over old times. Those Cambridge dances & dinners etc. It seemed quite like old times. The only thing that spoilt the evening was you were not there. A tophole dinner too. You must try your best to get home for Xmas.

Two women have been in my room tonight sitting round the fire and we had coffee & cigs. My room is getting quite a meeting place & I dropped your photo on the floor and broke the glass. It quite upset me. Glass is such a bad omen to break isn’t it?

I was paid today!!! New money from the mint!!! And they stopped all my pay while I was ill. A bit thick isn’t it? Some people are stingy aren’t they?

… I was in bed when Miss Morrell came. She came up and saw me. So I didn’t hear her sing only when somebody opened the drawing room door. She has a very high voice so you’d like it. I wish you could see her, I’d like to hear what you’d say. She hasn’t heard from Charlie.

Don’t you dare come home with your hair clipped or I will cut mine. I’ll go to Dunhills tomorrow in the lunch hour dear for your [pipe tubes ?] …

You never enclosed the German money you said you did. I expect you found it in your pocket. Bernard met Percy Abbott in France. He didn’t know him but found out he knew me. Strange isn’t it? I expect I shall go to a show with him this week. He is staying with the Rhinds.

Old Shudd is ill now. I’ve changed rooms. I’m with Coonie where you came with me. I think I told you this morning, there is an awful lot of work as so many are ill. I’ve been given charge of all the jackets and it nearly drives me mad. I’ve got numbers on the brain & just when I think I’ve finished a messenger comes in with about 1000 more. I could brain him, as each one takes about half an hour to do & send off.

Coonie and I sat by Shudd’s fire today. Swank!! & rang the bell for people to come and wait on us. Goodnight darling…

[PS] I hate the broken glass on your photo.