26th November 1918

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26th November 1918: Souvenirs from the war make their way home. Picnicking in the bosses warm office almost ends in disaster – Adela is proving a lively influence on her work mates. Meanwhile at the Grove poor Daisy is still in bed – with an undiagnosed illness. Edgar needs some replacement part for his pipe – an essential piece of kit!

58 Howitt Road
Tuesday night, 26th November 1918

… I got your letter tonight with the Bosh money in it. I’m awfully bucked with it. I told you dear about your camera. We can’t find it anywhere. Have you any idea where you left it? What kind is it? Hubert gave me a Bosh helmet.

We had great excitement in the office today. Coonie and a girl called Starky & myself had our lunch in the office & as you know Shudd is away ill. Well! We went out and got eggs & sausages & bread & pickles & potato salad etc & all sorts of muck and thought we’d have it in Shudd’s room in front of the fire. And in the middle he walked in!!! He was very nice though & said he hadn’t come back officially yet, so it didn’t matter. Its jolly hard work when they are all away but great fun. They tell me there has never been so little work done, only since I came. You must talk Edgar, mustn’t you? I’ve got to be there very early tomorrow morning.

I don’t know what is the matter with Daisy. She’s gone back to bed again. I think she’s thoroughly run down & bed is doing her good. She worked much too hard. All day long she was doing something or other.

I’ve done a large piece of my jumper. I’m quite pleased with it … good night darling. I’m getting your pipe things tomorrow…