4th December 1918

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4th December 1918: A mixed day for Adela – work has now slowed down and she thinks they will be out of a job soon. Her Father has written from Brunei and sent her a very welcome cheque. The post from France however is erratic and she is upset at not hearing from Edgar today.

[58 Howitt Road] Wednesday night, 4th December 1918

… No letter from you tonight. I was disappointed. I expect I shall get one in the morning.

I have an idea that we shall get the push soon from the office, but don’t know yet. What I’m going to do if they do I don’t know. I should go mad doing nothing. It’ rotten isn’t it?

I had two topping letters from Father today, with a nice cheque in one! He hasn’t heard from you yet, funny isn’t it? And he hasn’t heard from Hubert since April. An awful lot of letters must have been lost.

Old Shudd was very nice again today. I did a bit of typing today which I enclose. It took me such a long time!! I’m not going to the office till 10 tomorrow. Everybody else isn’t so I’m not, would you?

I[’m] fearfully tired tonight so you must excuse a short letter. Good night darling…