5th December 1918

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5th December 1918: No wonder Adela’s father [in Brunei] has received none of Edgar’s letters – he got the address spectacularly wrong, thinking he was in the East Indies! Not a good day for Adela as it looks like their office may be closing and they will be out of a job soon. There appears to be a hold up in the continental post as Edgar hasn’t received any letters from Adela recently – and she posts at least one every day.

Commission Internationale De Ravitaillement
India House,
Kingsway WC2

Thursday morning, 5th December 1918

… No wonder Father hasn’t got your letters. He isn’t in the East Indies. He is in North Borneo & I wrote it out so plainly for you: BARARAS ESTATE, BRUNEI, VIA LABUAN

That’s all. I’m very much afraid Coonie & I will have to look out for a new job. This is a wash out. Jolly bad luck isn’t it. We don’t know yet when we get the push but I don’t expect it will be long. I’m awfully fed up. Will write you tonight …

[58 Howitt Road] Thursday night,

… I was glad to get a letter tonight from you. I do so look forward to them when I come home. I was going to No3 tonight but I felt so tired I came to bed instead.

I’ll see about your packet I sent you tomorrow. They sent it from the shop. I’m trying my best about your films dear but no luck as yet. I’m trying a place in Kingsway tomorrow.

I’m awfully fed up about going from India House. Do you think there is any chance of finding anything else? I couldn’t stop up here & do nothing. I would go mad. I think you’d better come home and we’ll get married. I’ve got 5 new half crowns!!!

I can’t understand you not getting my letters. I never miss a night in bed writing & very often in the day time. They’ll turn up in a bunch…I’ve been doing my jumper this evening. I’ve finished all the front. If I shall ever wear it I don’t know. It makes me laugh when I look at it…