6th December 1918

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6th December 1918: A dull start to the weekend for Adela as there are no letters from Edgar again. Friend Coonie is staying with her at the Howitt Road boarding house and they have been to No3 to sit with the Mater and Daisy (still in bed). Edgar’s birthday present from Adela continues to work its way across France, but Adela has already posted his Christmas present, to avoid the seasonal rush. Edgar is very fed up …

58 Howitt Road
Belsize Park

Friday night, 6th December 1918

… No letter tonight. I can quite understand how you must feel when no mail turns up for you.

If you could see Coonie & I tonight, we’ve been halving the room. You can imagine the noise etc. We went over and sat with the Mater for a little while. Poor Daisy… Poor old girl. I go and see her as much as I can.

Edgar darling, I’m sending you your Xmas present tomorrow before the crush starts. I hope you’ll like it dear. Think of me when you use it.

I also rang up about your pin & they said they had sent it and reg. it so you ought to get it eventually… I hope you are getting my letters now dear. I know you are very fed up with life aren’t you. Cheer up you’ll soon be home.