10th December 1918

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10th December 1918: No letter from Edgar tonight and still no news from brother Herbert. Adela hopes Edgar will have cheered up a bit by the time she gets his next letter, and is touched to receive a sweet letter from her gardener, Bowden, at Broadgate [her Devon home]. Maggie Agius has taken her cousin Nella Samut to visit No3. [Nella will marry Philip Leicester in the new year – the Leicester family are great friends of the Elgar family in Malvern].

[58 Howitt Road] Tuesday night 10th December 1918

… No letter tonight but I expect I shall hear tomorrow morning. I’ve just come home from No3. Nella [Samut], Maggie & Joe were there.

I had a lovely letter from Bowden [Broadgate gardener]. I’m enclosing. I roared when I read it, but it’s very sweet really isn’t it? …

I got terrible indigestion again it is sickening. There is nothing very exciting going on except I was worried again ….. I get blamed for every noise nowadays.

Have you heard from Hubert? I do hope I get a letter in the morning saying you are more cheery. Good night darling old thing…