13th December 1918

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13th December 1918: Adela is feeling really low tonight – the fact that Edgar won’t be home for Christmas is taking it’s toll on her health and she has a fainting spell at work. She doesn’t relish the idea of losing her job, and certainly doesn’t want to leave the Grove and go back to Devon until Edgar returns. Daisy is up and about but not quite her usual self. One bright spot on the horizon – the Grove will soon be a much livelier place with the return from school of both the Denaro twins [at Downside] and Tony Cassar [at Douai].

58 Howitt Road
Belsize Park

Friday night 13th December 1918

… I was disappointed not to get a letter from you tonight. I’ve been in bed since five o’clock. I behaved very badly in the office this afternoon by doing one of my fainting tricks & Shudd made me come home & sent Coonie with me & here I am in bed. You don’t know what a relief it was to get there. & I did so wait for the postman & he didn’t bring me anything. I can quite understand what you feel like when you don’t get a letter out there.

I hate to even think of going back to Broadgate, I’m so happy here. I had a letter from Woo this morning. Ivan hasn’t turned up yet, I expect he will this Sunday. I wish they would buck up and send you home. I’m getting quite restless – aren’t you? They haven’t said anything to us yet about going, at the office yet. They are sure to only give us a week’s notice, as they pay us every week.

There isn’t any great news except the Twins [George & Wilfrid Denaro] will soon be home & Tony [Cassar]. It will be hateful without you darling.

Daisy is much better, but not quite herself yet. Coonie & Bruce have just been in to see me. They are going to sit in the drawing room now by themselves. I wish we were. Good night darling…