16th December 1918

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16th December 1918: No letter from Edgar today – the post is back to its old tricks. Adela’s brother in law caught flu when home on leave and now doesn’t need to go back to France for another month: “Some people have all the luck!” Dr Reis has given Adela some filthy medicine – it tastes like bad ink. There is now some concern at the Grove that the Pater won’t be home from his travels in time for Christmas.

Commission Internationale De Ravitaillement
India House,
Kingsway, WC2

Monday morning, 16th December 1918

… I sort of half hoped for a letter this morning but didn’t get it!! I hate or love the post don’t you? No half measures.

Winifrede is lucky to have Gilbert at home isn’t she? 3 weeks leave & a months home service. He’s just had flu. Some people have all the luck. I want to see them because I expect they will just walk out of Broadgate …

Dr Reis has given me some filthy medicine. I think I shall empty it out of the window. It’s just like bad ink!! Edgar darling I don’t think I’ve missed you as much as I do now. This Xmas seems so different to all others. I hope the Pater will get home in time. I can’t quite see how he can. I must do a bit more work now, so …