17th December 1918

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17th December 1918: Edgar’s letters are also a source of amusement for Adela’s fellow boarders – they notice how happy she is when the post has arrived. Tea with Daisy, Maggie and the Mater at Waring and Gillows. More Christmas celebrations to come in the Office on Friday, and news of Adela’s new boss. A disturbing announcement by the newspaper boy – which thankfully comes to nothing. 

58 Howitt Road
Belsize Park

Tuesday night, 17th December 1918

… It was a relief to hear from you tonight. I haven’t heard for three days now. I get so teased here about my letters. When I came in tonight I found one that had arrived at lunch time, and when I went into dinner, the people said they knew I’d had a letter I looked so happy & then in the middle the post came & brought me another. & of course you can imagine what I did, when surprised. I blushed to the roots of my hair & they all laughed….

We get from Wed to [?] holidays.

I had lunch with Daisy & Maggie & the Mater today at Waring & Gillows. We are having a teafight in the office on Friday. Shudd is getting quite nice again. I could kill him sometimes. Coles is taking his place I think. I’m not afraid of him. I was up with the Belgians this afternoon again, doing a sum for them. You can imagine the answer!!

A man was shouting tonight “3 million men for the new war”!! I bought a paper but there was nothing in it. Cheero darling old thing …