18th December 1918

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18th December 1918: Things are looking up for Adela – post from Edgar, some Christmas treats lined up with friends – and a new hat! Her future employment is secure – if she has no more near misses with the time keeper. The joys of travelling on a crowded tube – Edwardian style! And Edgar’s birthday present is still lost in France.

Commission Internationale De Ravitaillement
India House,
Kingsway WC2

Wednesday morning, 18th December 1918

… I got a lovely long letter from you this morning, we’re equal now!! All your letters have turned up. Daddy (Coonies) is taking us out to lunch today to the Savoy & also letting us go & hear a bit of Bellie’s case!! He is an old nut. And Bruce is taking us to the theatre tonight. So we are having a good day today aren’t we? I bought a new hat last night – a sort of claret colour. I wonder if you’d like it?

I haven’t heard from Aubrey for a week now … I think he may be coming up to town. I’m dying to take him round to No3 to show him how topping you all are & how happy I am with you all… I’m going to take his sister round one day after Xmas only I get so little time. You see I don’t get home until about 7 & then I either got to bed after grub, or go over to [?] It’s such a long way to set out again isn’t it? Tonight we are going to stay here till we go to the theatre, then we have grub when we get back. If you could see our “food” cupboard!! I expect we shall be swarming with rats soon…

I’m awfully bucked I haven’t got the sack. I nearly got it yesterday for not signing the book!! I had to go up & talk nicely to an old man with loose teeth, not to stop my pay!! I got off with a “caution” !!! this time.

This morning we brought a bag down to the office, one Coonie had borrowed, and we sat on it in the middle of the tube, it took us ¾ hour to come down this morning & standing all the way is rotten isn’t it? I think I’m always going to bring a bag!!!

Cheero old dear. I’ve asked about your pin & they say it must be returned to them, then they’ll send it on to you…